The Chef Iso Pastry Blog was founded in 2016 as a living, breathing gallery of pastry art. It showcases the process, tools, and techniques of the trade in a series of mesmerizing videos. Each post is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. It asserts that pastry is as much an art form as any other medium and draws inspiration from fashion, fine art, and film. The blog welcomes beginners and experts alike to indulge in the art and science behind haute pâtisserie.

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Chef Iso is a Japanese-American pastry chef creating elegant desserts that blend Japanese artistry with French culinary tradition. After moving to New York City nearly a decade ago, he immersed himself in the city's thriving food culture, particularly the sweet world of fine dining desserts.

A computer programmer by trade, he is drawn to the precision that pastry demands. It requires discipline and patience, while still allowing limitless creativity within its rigid foundations. In keeping with his Japanese roots, he is always learning and refining to master his craft.

I generally allow use of website content for well-intentioned purposes. While I will need to evaluate each project on a case-by-case basis, I have a few house rules:

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Milk Peach Entremet | 6000px x 3000px | link to post

Strawberry Fromage Cake | 6000px x 3000px | link to post

Apple Tartlet Mignardises | 6000px x 3000px | link to post

Cannelés de Bordeaux | 6000px x 3000px | link to post

Tarte Au Citron | 6000px x 3000px | link to post

Matcha Crêpe Cake | 6000px x 3000px | link to post