How to Cut Even Cake Layers

It is nearly impossible to cut even cake layers freehand. This simple technique will help you slice even cake layers every time. You may have seen those dedicated layer cake cutters, but they are an absolute waste of money that will clutter your kitchen. All you need is a couple of rods, some spacers, and a serrated knife. Most of the time, you can find these things around your house.


You will also need some spacers to raise the bars to the appropriate height. You can use washers or coins for this.


First, slice off the edges of your cake.

One trick here is to trim in small segments and wipe off the knife each section for a super clean cut.

Get your two flat bars and arrange them on either side of the cake. Use coins as spacers and adjust to the right height such that the knife rests at height you want each layer to be.

As you cut each layer, remove the bottom and slice again until you cannot slice any more layers from the cake.


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