No. 09

How to Get the Smoothest Whipped Cream

Chantilly cream, known in the mainstream as whipped cream, is versatile and classic. Pipe it over cakes, spoon it on ice cream, or fill sweet pastries. Making a basic chantilly cream is quite simple but when presentation matters, it must be perfect. For an extra smooth texture, use a hand blender over a whisk.


Makes 2 cups of whipped cream.

You must use heavy whipping cream with between 30% and 40% milkfat. Half and half will not whip properly. It must also be cold when trying to whip it.

Note that this preparation will need to be used shortly after making. If the whipped cream will be sitting out for a while, it will start to leak liquid. For a cream that will stay stable for several hours or more, use gelatin to stabilize the mixture.

For every 1 cup of cream used:


For truly smooth chantilly cream, go slow with a hand blender. Add the sugar first so it can dissolve. Blend the mixture until slightly thickened then add the vanilla. Continue whipping until you get a thick but still somewhat liquid texture (soft peaks). Overwhipping will make your cream grainy and unappealing so err on the side of underwhipping. If you are not stabilizing the cream, continue to whip in 10-second intervals until you have stiff peaks.

If stabilizing the cream with gelatin, bloom the gelatin by quickly stirring into the very cold water. Heat this slurry in the microwave for 10 seconds until melted. Working quickly to avoid clumps, whip this into the cream. Note that the gelatin will stiffen the mixture as it cools so you must use it within 20 minutes or it will not be smooth for piping.

With a nice and smooth batch of creme chantilly, try piping it over some babas au rhum.

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