Chouquettes are remarkably simple-to-make pastries, yet are beautiful and tasty all the same. They are the quintessential "comfort" treat. Of course you can fill your chouquettes with pastry cream or chantilly cream, but chouquettes are quite good on their own and best when they are just out of the oven when the steam hasn't left their hollow centers.


Makes about 36 chouquettes; recipe can be scaled

Using a high-gluten flour will make the choux rise more evenly because it will better hold its structure. You can use all-purpose flour, but you will likely get more cracks.



Choux dough is prepared in the usual way by preparing a dough and beating whole eggs into it one at a time.

Meanwhile, sift the flour into a bowl to avoid clumps.

Continue heating for another 2 minutes to drive out extra moisture. The bottom of the pan should form a film of choux.

Remove the choux and transfer to a bowl. It must cool a bit before adding the eggs. Using either a spoon or paddle attachment with a stand mixer, begin incorporating the eggs one at a time.

Stop when you reach a smooth and soft texture. Test it by using a spoon to scoop up the dough. It should fall under its own weight. If it does not, continue to add eggs. Now your choux is ready for piping and baking.

I strongly recommend using a piping tip with many teeth on it (like Ateco #865). It will increase the surface area by creating weak points for the choux to expand evenly. A round tip will not create these weak points, so the choux may rupture when baking.

If you have not already, prepare your sheet pans with either silicone mats or parchment paper before piping. This is a crucial step that will keep the bottoms of your chouquettes from burning.

With some practice and a properly-prepared dough, this will come with ease.

Prepare the egg wash by vigorously beat one egg until it is completely liquid and smooth.


Bake at 360°F (182°) for about 30-35 minutes, but the time will depend on your oven and choux.



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