The Best Grill Cover

The Best Grill Cover

Chef's Pick for the Best Grill Cover for Your Money

May 29th, 2019

Chef Justin Iso

Justin Iso is the head pastry chef behind He is the winner of the Christmas Cookie Challenge on Food Network and was named Best Baking and Sweets Blogger by Saveur Magazine. With a background in Japanese confections and French pastry, he brings the best of both worlds into his recipes.

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It's grilling season and it's time to dust off your grills for some quality burgers, kebabs, steaks, corn, and watermelon. Of course if you have an outdoor grill you want to protect your investments from the elements by securing a sturdy and long-lasting grill cover.

Grilling novices might be tempted to go with a Weber grill cover simply because it’s a well-know brand, but at over $71 and fewer features than other brands, you have better options. But don’t go with the cheapest option either. If you buy a cheap one in the Summer, it’s unlikely to last to next Spring. The weather is your greatest adversary when it comes to keeping your grill protected, so make sure you get a cover that can withstand the elements.

Chef’s Pick: Best Grill Cover

My chef's pick for the best grill cover is the Classic Accessories Grill Cover. Balancing budget, durability, features, and aggregate reviews, it's the best value for your money.

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