The Best Cookie Press

The Best Cookie Press

The cookie press you need in your kitchen for making professional Italian spritz cookies in a flash

May 11th, 2019

Chef Justin Iso

Justin Iso is the head pastry chef behind He is the winner of the Christmas Cookie Challenge on Food Network and was named Best Baking and Sweets Blogger by Saveur Magazine. With a background in Japanese confections and French pastry, he brings the best of both worlds into his recipes.

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A quality cookie press can last a lifetime. And don’t think it’s some single-purpose gadget that will clutter your kitchen. A cookie press with interchangeable heads will give an incredible range of cookie shapes, biscuits, breads, and treats. This versatility makes it very hard to get bored with it and encourages you to try all sorts of different styles and flavors of cookies.

Usually my preferred dispensing tool is my trusty piping bag and tip. But free-handing has its drawbacks and even seasoned chefs cannot pipe with the speed and uniformity of a cookie press. Christmas cookies and Holiday cookies are the prime use case for a cookie press, which rapidly dispenses spritz cookies to streamline your gift-giving.

My personal favorite cookie press to use as a chef is the Italian-made Marcato Atlas. It’s a prime example of quality construction that beats out every other cheaply-made cookie press I’ve ever used.

When it comes to cookie presses, I always prefer sturdy metal over plastic. The Marcato Atlas is the cookie press you’re most likely to find in the back of most Italian bakeries. The thicker your dough recipe, the more grateful you’ll be to have this powerhouse in your arsenal. The pressing motion is smooth and seamless and allows you to apply your full body weight for extra thick doughs.

A few of the things I like about this cookie press are:

  1. Quality steel and sturdy construction
  2. Easy-to-switch heads
  3. Lever that allows you to use your body weight to press (not just your grip)

I have never had any issues with my press but on the off chance that yours breaks or is defective, the company offers a flexible warranty. The Marcato Atlas is super easy to disassemble and clean, just make sure you hand wash everything because you risk developing rust by passing it through the dishwasher.

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