Gorgeous "Ruby" Chocolate Coming in 2018

A new type of chocolate will soon be making its way to our mouths and its color will knock your socks off. The Zurich-based high-end chocolate maker Barry Callebaut claims to have invented a fourth kind of chocolate. Dubbed "ruby chocolate" it has a vibrant pink color, which comes from the natural color of the beans and their processing.

Courtesy of Barry Callebaut

Pink chocolate may not be the most groundbreaking invention of 21st century, but it's making waves because it is unlike every other chocolate available today. We have milk, dark, and white chocolate, which is already a topic of hot debate since some consider white to be faux chocolate citing its lack of cocoa solids. How will the public accept this new ruby chocolate? It's hard to say. Some are skeptical that it's anything more than marketing hype.

Even if it this new invention fails to inherit the precious title of "Fourth Kind," this should be an exciting new chocolate to work with. The flavor and aroma apparently have a fruity quality, which any pastry chef would be thrilled to get their hands on. At their unveiling, Callebaut invited four pastry chefs to sample and work with their new creation and they have already created some stunning works of art. One such chef, Martin Diez, showcases the color palette on his Instagram account.

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