Chef Iso Wins a Saveur 2017 Blog Award!

Chef Iso was chosen as a winner in the eighth annual Saveur Blog Awards! We received the "Editors' Choice" award in Best Baking and Sweets.

Needless to say, I am ecstatic. Saveur invited all of the finalists to Charleston, South Carolina for an opportunity to meet the people behind the blogs, Instagram accounts, podcasts, and videos shaping the way people think about food.

Over the next century, overconsumption, food waste, and ecologically destructive farming present very real threats to humanity. I had the pleasure of meeting people with passion for educating their communities about what goes into their food before it hits the plate. These conversations and events that facilitate them are more important than ever.

Thank you to Saveur Magazine and Explore Charleston for a very moving experience. I will cherish these new memories and friendships for years to come. Meet the rest of the winners on Saveur.

The Event

After arriving in Charleston, we kicked off the festivities with a carriage tour and walking tour of beautiful historic Charleston. The city has one of the oldest and most diverse histories in America, hosting a plethora of significant events leading up to this country's founding. It has served a crucial role as the epicenter of trade, revolution, religious transformation, and so much more.

Next came a pub crawl covering The Cocktail Club, Darling Oyster Bar, and The Ordinary. Being a major port city, oysters sit right in the heart of the local cuisine. Since Charleston has no natural quarries, the early roads were paved with oyster shells!

The next morning, we indulged in Callie's Charleston Biscuits freshly made in the Le Creuset test kitchen. Calling them heavenly would be an insult; heaven can't compete with freshly-baked biscuits, especially not when topped with basil-peach jam and whipped cinnamon butter.

Stuffed with soft, tender, warm excellence, we heard from legendary panelists who discussed the business of the food world, from book deals to restaurant entrepreneurship.

In the afternoon, we made our way over to High Wire Distilling for some stellar BBQ from Rodney Scott. Over the next few hours panelists relayed a wealth of expertise that could easily fill an encyclopedia.

Finally, the moment arrived—the highly anticipated Awards Ceremony. Adam Sachs took the stage to welcome the finalists and guests for what would be an unforgettable night, in spite of the celebratory drinks flowing endlessly into mouths.

About last night...Congratulations to all of the nominees, and especially the winners!

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Chef Iso took home a red pepper grinder from Le Creuset, the trophy for Editors' Choice winners.

Thanks again to Saveur and congratulations to all of the finalists and winners!

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