Chef Iso Nominated for Saveur 2017 Blog Awards

Out of 30,000 nominations, Chef Iso was selected by Saveur Magazine as a finalist in their annual Blog Awards! Each year, Saveur selects a handful of food-oriented bloggers to feature as the best the Web has to offer in food culture. These individuals, organizations, friends, and families drive the attitudes and culture around food at a grassroots level and it is an honor to be nominated with them.

Winning in the first year of the competition helped launch the careers of Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen and David Lebovitz of, two highly influential personalities among foodies. Ever since, the coveted title of "Saveur Blog Award Winner" has been extremely competitive with higher stakes and higher reward each year. It all culminates in their Awards Ceremony, where food blog proprietors from all over the world come together to meet, drink, and eat of course.

This year, Chef Iso is headed to Charleston, South Carolina where an exciting weekend awaits the finalists.

Chef Iso is competing in the "Best Baking and Desserts" category, and the competition is stiff! These incredibly talented folks are also in the running, please take the time to go check them out. If you like Chef Iso, their content is right up your alley:

Wish Chef Iso and all the finalists luck as we head off to Charleston!

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